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Space Godzilla and Labor Day Weekend

Our oldest nephew (6) was the recent recipient of the Magic Wheelchair 2020 event where one child is chosen to receive a wheelchair of their dreams and imagination. He loves Space Godzilla so that was the theme he choose and the unveiling was just the other weekend.

It was a great event put on by three incredible organizations/companies. All the volunteers did an amazing job to bring this to life, with red lights, noises and even smoke! It fit perfectly over his normal wheelchair and he loved chasing his best friend and his little brother. Pictured is Christine running around Godzilla.

In addition to the volunteers, only closest family and friends were able to attend, while the event was actually streamed on Facebook. We would say the event was a success and now the parents have a 10ft Godzilla in their garage...haha!

Pictured below: Christine in red and Brice is far right. Funny side note, just before this was taken the baby had a huge spit-up that just missed Christine but got all over the floor and our other nephews arm so we erupted in laughter and Christine has her arm around him so we could get a picture before he freaked out! It was hilarious!!

Then Labor Day Weekend was eventful! We met Christine's brother, Donny, and his three kiddos (6, 4, 6mo) for a day of fishing following by ice cream & lemonade. They caught 1 perch and 2 bass! Donny took the two older boys for a golf cart ride while we watched the baby (Brice pictured with the baby). It was a beautiful day!

Christine tackled a project by painting our entryway closet and updating the baseboards. Then we had a cook out with Brice's parents, youngest brother and sister-in-law and their 3 year old son.

Now we're looking forward to fall coming and enjoying the cooler weather and changing of the leaves.

Until next time!

Brice and Christine

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