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Rock-a-Bye Baby the Nursery is Done!

We're so excited. Over the past couple months, with the pandemic and staying inside, we've been working on the baby nursery. It's been a fun process and we wanted to share what we've done with you. We hope you like it and more importantly, we hope it's a place that you can see your baby being happy in, surrounded by so much love and opportunity.

First, to recap all the things we did: 1) Installed and updated the room with new baseboards, 2) painted everything from the ceiling to the crown molding to the walls, 3) added some cute mountains on the accent wall and 4) painted the bathroom too.

Here's Christine sanding and painting the baseboards...face mask and all!

We tried to go with a neutral palette and when we know if it's a girl or boy, we'll accessorize with other colors. If there's something special you'd like to see us do in the room, we're open to your thoughts. We love the idea of our adoptive child to have a room that has both our touches and yours so if there's a Childs character or a book or an animal or anything that has a special meaning, we'd love to incorporate something that's special to you.

Brice painted the mountains and they look great! We saw the idea on Pinterest. We're hoping Brice's mom, an artist, can paint some little hot air balloons or some cute additions to the mountains as we get closer to bringing our first child home.

The crib and storage unit are matching. Brice wanted something that was stained wood, and Christine wanted something that could hide scratches and dings. We think we found the perfect set that accomplishes what we were both looking for.

The rug by the crib is something Christine bought in Peru many years ago. It has a Llama on it and we found these cute bed sheets that also had Llamas! We weren't intending to coordinate but it just worked out!

We still need to put a chair in the room. We haven't decided if we'll use a chair we already have or if we'll buy one. Either way, the view from the chair (which will go in the corner by the window) has an amazing view and we daydream about being able to rock our baby to sleep looking out the window to the beautiful trees on our street. Here's the view your baby will have from his/her room...

We're so excited about this room and can't wait for it to get used, whether it's restful sleeping or midnight cries. Brice is even practicing lullaby songs on his guitar. :)

Brice and Christine

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