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Our Two Fur Balls

We love pets and both grew up with animals. Brice grew up with dogs and rabbits and Christine grew up with dogs and cats.

Christine got her cat, named Perrita, in 2011 when she first moved to Southern California. She was a kitten at the local SPCA and Christine fell in love with her.

In December of 2015, the year we got married, we got Bella. She was tiny and could fit in the palm of our hand (left image). Bella is an 8 pound Shih-Pooh and an absolutely love ball!

If we had to describe Bella, we would say she's 100% a lap dog and loves to cuddle. She's fantastic with kids and people, and loves her toys. She waits by Christine at dinner in hopes of getting 1 or 2 bites of meat. She loves to sneak into bed at night and nestle against Brice (because she knows Christine will put her back in her doggy bed). She will spend all day by Christine keeping her company and then loves her evening walk when Brice gets home. At night you'll find her on either one of our laps!

Perrita is both sweet and fiesty if that combination can exist. Her name in Spanish means "Little Dog". Christine always wanted a dog named "cat" and a cat named "dog" (goofy, we know), but when it came to naming this cute gray kitten, the name "dog" just didn't fit. So, Christine came up with Perrita.

There are two things that Perrita loves, 1) to sit by the fireplace at night (we turn it on often) and 2) food! She loves to eat and unfortunately gained a lot of weight because of her love of food. So, we've been working hard over the past 2 years on weight loss. She weighed almost 18 pounds at one time and our goal is to get down to 10 pounds. We're at 11.5 right now which is a huge difference! Perrita also likes to hang around Christine during the day and is known to try and lay on her legs while she's working.

Look at this cute image of both Perrita and Bella snuggling with Christine while she worked. Not the most comfortable but certainly the cutest! Perrita and Bella are frenemies and Bella is definitely the tattle tale when Perrita is up to no good (like jumping on the kitchen counter for scraps). It's quite hilarious!

We can't wait for them to have a new human youngster to play with! We fear Bella will think all the baby toys belong to her...hehe! :)

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