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Our First Time Babysitting Overnight!

We have never babysat any of our nieces or nephews overnight until just recently....and we loved it! We've had two nephews born this year, one in February and one in June. It was our nephew born in February that we recently babysat. He's 5 months, loves to smile and make noises and as long as he was in our arms (and eating!), he was a happy baby!

It was so much fun to have him over. Brice played little games with him and we took him for a couple walks around the neighborhood. We even had a neighbor do a double take thinking all of a sudden that we had had a baby!

I will say it was a culture shock for our dog, Bella. Despite wanting to give the baby lots of kisses, she was no longer the star of our attention! She is such a sweet and mild mannered dog but she will have to adjust, no doubt, too when we have a baby at home. :)

With 6 nieces and nephews, and 1 on the way, we can't wait for it to be our turn! We are so looking forward to being able to care for and love our future child and it was so fun to be able to do a little overnight practicing on our adorable nephew. Here's a couple pictures from the "slumber party".

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