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Happy Halloween!!

This holiday has always been a big deal on Christine's side of the family. Growing up Christine's house was known in the neighborhood for being the scariest and loudest home. There were gravestones galore, a fog machine, police do-not-cross tape lining the walkway, and lots of witch crackles and thundering noises. Her dad would even coordinate lights flickering to coincide with the thundering!

Her brother has carried on the tradition and inherited many of the Halloween accessories and sound systems. We go to their house every Halloween, and this year was no exception. Festivities started around 4pm, beginning with pumpkin carving for the kids (and any kids at heart) followed by pizza and a short stint of trick-or-treating. When it started to get dark we sat around the fire pit and told spooky stories...our story was about a clapping forest and the kids said it was the spookiest of them all. Her brother and father even created a flying ghost in the air suspended by an invisible wire that we used at the end of our story. We ended the night with s'mores around the fire pit.

Pictures below of two of our nephews with their best friend in the middle, flying ghost contraption and spooky storytelling (we're the two people standing up and Christine's dad is sitting on the hay bail storytelling).

We had such a good time. It was a small group made up of closest family and friends. We kept our masks on so we could keep everyone safe (one of our sweet nephews has underlying conditions making him higher risk) and enjoyed seeing the children so happy. We even got to see our friends who just adopted a baby girl last month. She is 5 weeks old and was just as previous as she could be in her pumpkin outfit and hat.

May your Halloween night have brought some joy to your life like it did ours!

Pictured below are us with Christine's parents and Christine with our 8mo old nephew while the big kids were trick or treating.


Brice and Christine

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